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10:22 am on Friday May 16, 2014

Myrtle Beach Police use taser on nude man walking down the street

via WBTW Myrtle Beach police officers arrested a man Wednesday afternoon after witnessing a naked man walking down a city street. ...and the story just gets better...
3:18 am on Thursday June 7, 2012

Man shot with Taser after trying to enter burning home

TheDigiel A 57-year-old man was shot with a Taser after he arrived at his burning Greene Street home late Tuesday night and tried to repetadely enter the burning building.
1:13 am on Tuesday December 6, 2011

Alleged drug dealer tased multiple times

North Charleston police say Anthony Ricardo, 28, kicked them and threatened to kill them — it wasn't long after that the alleged drug dealer was tased multiple times. Many reports abound but the better I've seen is at Live 5 News.
4:04 am on Thursday September 22, 2011

Shootings, tasings, machetees, and more: Police reports abound in Beaufort

TheDigitel Beaufort is generally pretty quiet with no more than one or so notable story of physical assault, robbery, or — in the very rare occasions — a homicide per week. Things have been a good bit more active as of late. Let's do the rundown: -...
6:26 pm on Tuesday August 3, 2010

Two men run from cop on Lady's Island, one gets tased

Flickr user kalebdf If all they ran for was the one bag of weed found, it was a profoundly bad choice. Check out the brief at The Island Packet.
9:45 am on Friday July 23, 2010

Two off-duty Goose Creek cops tase teen at bowling alley

Image by Flickr user Kevin H. Underaged kid gets carded for drinking beer at the Goose Creek Royal Z Bowling Alley. Teen runs off where two off duty cops track him down, taser him, and find a loaded .32 revolver. Check out the story and video at...
7:40 am on Saturday November 7, 2009

Police Taser naked man

Image by Flickr user hradcanska Image by 20091107-taser.jpg Just four little words, and I'm willing to be you've clicked over.
8:13 am on Sunday October 26, 2008

Investigation over multiple Tazings

Image by Flickr user kakachuImage by 20081026taser.jpg A Taser barb. When the devices fires a ranged shot, two of these stick into the target to deliver the shock. A Columbia man was hospitalized for "two months for kidney failure, seizures,...
12:27 pm on Saturday October 4, 2008

Lawsuit says Taser was used recklessly

Image by Flickr user jasonesbainImage by 20081004taser.jpg Kip Darrell Black's family is suing two years after 38-year-old Black was killed after 10 jolts from a Taser. Named as defendants are both North Charleston police and Taser International....