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4:10 am on Sunday August 19, 2012

PGA traffic nightmare rolling into I-526 debate as proposal gets more dollars

Image by Staff illustration, base image by Flickr user skalasinc A quick cross section of traffic frustration during the PGA championship on Twitter. It means bring on the construction debate.Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy set a record at the 2012...
12:21 am on Wednesday January 11, 2012

I-526 saga continues: Charleston County can't figure out direction (Update: State takes over)

Image by Flickr user teddy-rised What is it and what should we do with it?Update January 11: With a 7-2 endorsement of the idea, Charleston County Council has sent the project back to state control. Whether the state intends to force the plan on...
11:03 am on Saturday May 28, 2011

Charleston County to S.C.: Please take away the $11.6 million fee on I-526

Image by Flickr user chirastar Although Charleston County Council voted to rescind its decision to not proceed with the controversial I-526 extension, the S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank's decision to get $11.6 million from the county is...
9:29 am on Saturday May 14, 2011

With I-526 plan killed, state banking agency demands $11.6 million returned

Image by Flickr user *MarS Update May 14: Charleston's own state Senator Glen McConnell is taking the line that Charleston County needs to pony up the millions in cash. Head on over to The Post and Courier for the story on the latest volley in...
10:22 am on Thursday April 14, 2011

Making a case to use I-526 funds for Boeing roads, rail, or other needed Charleston infastructure

Image by Flickr user Kyle MayUpdate April 14: The Charleston City Paper has filed a brief report and notes that the meeting to debate this idea kicks off at 4:15 today. Get the report's details here. First reporting: While the unpopular I-526 plan...