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12:51 pm on Wednesday April 10, 2013

Retired Piggly Wiggly mascot shot after escaping pig pen

Maggie, a 250-pound pig that formerly worked as a mascot for Piggly Wiggly was gunned down by a motorist after escaping her pig pen.
9:38 am on Sunday April 1, 2012

Handling of North Charleston shooting video upsets family

Remember the 17-year-old who was shot after allegedly pulled a handgun on a North Charleston Police Officer? Remember how the City of North Charleston showed video to back up the police department's account? Well, the family of the shot teen, ...
5:14 am on Monday March 26, 2012

Watch the three fashion shorts that premiered during Charleston Fashion Week

Jewell&Ginnie recently posted the official fashion film shorts originally screened at Charleston Fashion Week 2012. All four were shot and Directed by Jade and Sully Sullivan and edited by Adam Boozer — whose videos we have mentioned much in the...
2:48 am on Monday March 26, 2012

North Charleston teen shot after allegedly pulling gun on officer

After chasing after two men, a 17-year-old allegedly pulled a handgun on a North Charleston Police Officer — the officer then fired several shots, wounding the teen.
5:30 am on Tuesday November 2, 2010

Vague text message sends police on wild goose chase

Image by Flickr user kiwanjaIn an ultimate case of text messaging failure, a panic stricken husband phoned local police after receiving a text from his wife which read, "In chair got shot." After breaking in the windows of two different West Ashley...