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8:31 am on Monday May 27, 2013

In racial controversy claims Nikki Haley volunteer resigns

The re-eelction campaign for Gov. Nikki Haley has asked volunteer Roan Garcia-Quintana to step down over claims of his involvment with efforts to keep the "Caucasian heritage pure".
4:04 am on Tuesday October 30, 2012

Chair hanging from noose makes local headlines, follows similar national stories

Screencap: WPDE WPDE News Channel 15 has a piece on a Horry County man who is taking cues from nationally, racially charged displays aimed at President Barack Obama. The empty chair has become a rallying cry for some this election season and the...
4:05 am on Wednesday August 29, 2012

SC Voter ID challenge in federal court (not going so good so far)

Photo by flicker user Kheel Center, Cornell University ‘Amen, Ed, thank you for your support.’ Proponents to Voter ID laws state that the laws aren't to disenfranchised or make it harder to vote for one particular group of people, particularly the...
5:21 pm on Friday February 11, 2011

Comment on work ethic of blacks land Sen. Robert Ford in limelight (update: Ford defends, tells media to stick it)

Update February 11: Ford continues to defend his remarks, this time speaking on the South Carolina Floor.  In a nutshell, Ford's argument is that he was trying "to paint a picture to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the work habits...
5:46 pm on Tuesday June 15, 2010

South Carolina's political fubars make The Daily Show, again (update: Alvin Greene)

Update June 15: Just a quick note that the Daily Show has done another bit about S.C. thanks this time to Alvin Greene's surprising win in the Democratic primary; watch it here. First reporting: It's "The Race to Replace Disgrace." Yes, I think we'...
2:54 am on Thursday September 24, 2009

Op-ed piece addresses racist criticisms of the South

Image by Flickr user ada-adelinaImage by 20090924-pen.jpg Edward M. Gilbreth, a Charleston physician, has an op-ed piece in The Post and Courier today that battles back against two accusations against Joe Wilson's "you lie!" remark being based out...
2:29 am on Wednesday September 16, 2009

Dead and back again: Now onto racism in Wilson saga

Image by Flickr user brykmantra Image by 20090916-debate.jpg This debate's not doing great, but it's not dead yet.To many the Joe Wilson outburst has long been over, and that was before the House officially ruled. Now that long over, over matter...
7:45 am on Sunday August 17, 2008

The lowering walls of exclusivism

The State has written a great piece about the increased integration of South Carolina's once-exclusive clubs. The story itself is spurred on by the 20th anniversary of The Capital City Club that was formed in response to the capital city's...