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5:10 am on Wednesday October 2, 2013

The City Paper's 'Beer Issue' is here

From Charleston's local brewers to one of the nation's top PBR consuming spots, the Charleston City Paper talks beer in Charleston.
7:27 am on Wednesday April 10, 2013

PBR lover? Get your fix with Recovery Room's special festivities

The Recovery Room's annual PBR Week is back and runs through Friday, April 12, with a number of fun, odd, and downright inane tributes to the beloved brew.
7:29 am on Friday February 22, 2013

#MYR Music: Power Born Rebellion loses singer, pressing on

via ListenUpMB.com "Eric Ness, vocalist for local rock band Power Born Rebellion, announced recently that he is leaving the band and heading in a new direction with his music." Read all about Ness' decision over at ListenUp
4:31 am on Thursday January 10, 2013

Recovery Room patrons were oh so close to being the nation's #1 drinker of PBR

Image by Flickr user Jeremy Brooks Late-night favorite The Recovery Room on Upper King Street has long been one of the nation's top consumers of the canned golden lager, so much so that last January the bar took the #2 spot in a ranking of the...
11:21 am on Friday January 13, 2012

Recovery Room is S.C.'s best spot to grab a PBR (Update: No. 2 in the USA)

Image by Flickr user Spunkinator Contains 100% hip juice.Update: Oh, so, close. Update January 13: A year-and-a-half on and The Recovery Room has only gotten better. It's moved up from the number one seller of PBR in the state, to the number two...
7:49 am on Sunday February 13, 2011

Recovery Room celebrating the gift that is PBR, all week

Image by Flickr user caselee Yep, the Upper King Street dive-bar-yet-not that is the Recovery Room is holding a weeklong "PBR Birthday."  The dates are Monday, February 14, through Friday, the 18th. To mark it they'll be giving away some, "killer...