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3:33 am on Wednesday August 17, 2011

What happened to the paddy wagon at Charleston's Old City Jail

Last week, reader "carnellm" sounded a distress call after the paddy wagon at the Old City Jail (pictured) was cut up and hauled off by The American College of Building Arts. And he had some harsh words about it, "supposedly taking care of and...
8:22 am on Friday August 12, 2011

Reader letter: Preservation or destruction?

[Editor's note: As part of our Open Community program, locals can write about their opinion.] Wouldn't you think that an organization who's mission it is to foster preservation should actually be doing so?   The American College of Building Arts,...
3:14 am on Monday September 15, 2008

North Charleston Police reinventing paddy wagon concept for efficiency

Image by Flickr user MarkWallaceImage by 20080915paddywagon.jpg Is the paddy wagon being reinvented for today? In one of those thing that strikes me as an obvious solution that it's almost hard to believe it's not yet been done, North Charleston...