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9:22 am on Monday August 27, 2012

Mosquito population abuzz due to recent rain (Update: West Nile and spraying)

photo by flickr user tkw954 Update 8/27/12:  A recently rainy spell leaves us in the same "the mosquitoes are out of control!" place as we were last June.  The appearance of West Nile virus has made an appearance in South Carolina and spraying are...
5:00 am on Saturday July 30, 2011

Be warned: aerial spray for mosquitos to occur today

Image by Flickr user eyeweedToday's the day for Charleston County to conduct an aerial spray to fight off those pesky--and numerous--mosquitos. Find out if your area will be getting sprayed by visiting this PDF, and get more info about our county's...
6:00 am on Tuesday July 19, 2011

Death from above: Horry County starts aerial assault on mosquitos

Flickr user ÂßĐủĹмàjēēĐ • ²°¹° Look at that little jerk.... Making a switch to a more environmentally friendly mosquito killing pesticide, Horry County has started their air-strike on mosquitos.  The new pesticides won't be sprayed out of the back...
3:58 am on Friday April 22, 2011

Tips on how to quell the springtime mosquito population

Image by Flickr user GravitywaveUpdate April 22: I repost because I care. Also, it rained like the dickens yesterday, so be sure to dump out any stagnant sources of water in order to keep the skeeter babies at bay. First reporting: It may seem early...