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1:56 am on Thursday May 3, 2012

Folly Boat gets a fresh canvas

Image by FollyBoat.comAfter 13 years of paint-overs, the five-inch thick layers of paint and messages finally started crumbling off the Folly Boat — so the city stepped up and stripped off the excess paint to give the iconic boat a new canvass, and...
9:54 pm on Saturday April 14, 2012

Charleston Area Ghosts: Alice Flagg, 1833-1849

“Alice’s hand went to her heart. With this ring….” Nancy Rhyne, 1926-  Gordon Mercer & Marcia Mercer, Columnists                          The sun was setting near Pawleys Island and it was a cool evening.    “I’m going to the car to warm up. You...
7:26 pm on Monday October 6, 2008

Everyone loves to photograph the Folly Boat

Image by FollyBoat.comImage by 20081006follyboat.jpg If you've ever driven out to Folly Beach, you've likely noticed the Folly Boat -- a sad little white boat sitting off the right side of the road just on the edge of the marsh. Well, surprise,...