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7:55 pm on Tuesday March 18, 2014

Mayor Riley expected to promote CofC, MUSC college merger

Charleston's mayor said he intends to promote the controversial idea to merge the College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina, during a S.C. House committee on Wednesday morning.
2:05 pm on Wednesday February 20, 2013

Two Banks to merge, to create the fifth largest bank in S.C. in Deposits

According to The Sun News , South Carolina Bank and Trust who is the owner of Columbia’s largest publicly traded bank, and First Financial Holdings, inc who is parent company of First Federal Bank annonced that they have agreed to a $302 million...
6:13 am on Tuesday July 3, 2012

Duke-Progress deal will make for the largest electric company in America

Flickr User: Duke Energy Regulators are ready to give the final approval for a deal that would create the largest electric company in the United States.  The deal, a take over of Progressive Energy by Duke, would serve about 7 million customers in S...
12:48 am on Thursday December 1, 2011

Merging Charleston-North Charleston into one economic powerhouse?

Image by One Greater Charleston The map for "Greater Charleston" — the base maps for Charleston and North Charleston are bit out of date, but you get the idea.Ed Pendarvis has a plan, and it's to merge Charleston-North Charleston into one economic...
9:02 pm on Monday May 2, 2011

Southwest buying AirTran: Good news for Charleston fliers (update: deal sealed, now wait to 2012)

Image by Flickr user gtardedUpdate May 3: Yesterday Southwest announce a major if effectively transparent step: It has closed its purchase of fellow discount airliner AirTran. While the two companies will very soon be effectively the same, for us...
4:25 am on Friday February 4, 2011

The Sportsman's Shop on King to close, merge with T&T Sports

Image by The Sportsman's ShopThe company that owns the King Street staple for satiating your sporting good needs, The Sportsman's Shop, is joining forces with T&T Sports in order to push back against the economic recession. Unfortunately, The...
5:58 pm on Monday May 11, 2009

Northwest counter will be no more on your next visit to Charleston airport

Image by Flickr user J O S HImage by 20090511-nw.jpgDelta's merger with Northwest is finally hitting home on Tuesday, May 12th, when the Northwest counter will be closed and visitors directed to Delta's services. Read more stories on this subject...
8:33 am on Thursday April 9, 2009

Massive home builders to merge

Image by Flickr user Image by 20090409-construction.jpgPulte Homes is planning to buy competing homebuilder Centex Corp. in a deal valued at $3.1 billion. As you might expect, the companies are merging to help weather the downturn in the housing...
7:03 am on Tuesday September 30, 2008

Citigroup to buy, rescue Wachovia

Image by Flickr user mre770Image by 20080929wachovia.jpg Wachovia's Georgia headquarters. Latest updates are at the bottom. After fears rose that big bank Wachovia could also tank, regulators helped push through an agreement for Citigroup to...
7:35 am on Thursday June 5, 2008

Verizon to buy Alltel

Image by 20080605verizon.gif The $28.1 billion deal would buy Alltel and make Verizon the nation's largest wireless provider with more than 80 million subscribers. The companies hope the transaction will be approved and completed by the end of the...