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3:00 pm on Monday March 28, 2011

Police looking for KFC robbery suspect

Image by Flickr user Steve WebelOn Friday, March 25th, a masked man jumped the counter at a Goose Creek Kentucky Fried Chicken and pulled a gun on an employee. Police responded to the Goose Creek KFC at 108 S. Goose Creek Boulevard Friday night. ...
1:49 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009

Score some free KFC grilled chicken on Monday

Image by 20091025-chicken.jpg On Monday, October 26, Kentucky Fried Chicken is once again doing its free-piece-of-grilled-chicken giveaway.  No coupon needed. Details over here if you want them.
9:23 am on Tuesday August 19, 2008

KFC visited for cash, not chicken

[gmap markers=blue::32.75847933095548,-79.9738597869873 |zoom=13 |center=32.76836745352148,-79.97343063354492 |width=220px |height=250px |control=Small |type=Map] A James Island Kentucky Fried Chicken was robbed on Monday around 10 p.m. All-in-all...