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9:54 pm on Saturday April 14, 2012

Charleston Area Ghosts: Alice Flagg, 1833-1849

“Alice’s hand went to her heart. With this ring….” Nancy Rhyne, 1926-  Gordon Mercer & Marcia Mercer, Columnists                          The sun was setting near Pawleys Island and it was a cool evening.    “I’m going to the car to warm up. You...
5:12 am on Tuesday September 2, 2008

Some less-obvious creative expression in Charleston

Image by TheDigitel customization of image by Flickr user CarbonNYCImage by 20080902art.jpg Art? Here? Maybe. Street-side opera, a commissioned graffiti artist, a bell ringer, salon soul, and a tucked-away metal shop among others: Expression of...