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6:19 am on Monday December 6, 2010

Lowcountry Child's Gift Guide

Gift-giving season is upon us, and that means gift-shopping season is here too. Maybe you dread it, maybe you love it – either way, to make it simpler and save you time we asked regular contributor, blogger and local mom Laura Jacobi to cull the...
8:50 am on Friday December 3, 2010

Shop local with this holiday gift guide

Image by Flickr user lechampiondumonde.comCharlie Magazine has come out with a very well done local gift guide. The gift guide coincides with Lowcountry Local First's 'Buy Local Month' in which the community has been challenged to shift at least 10...
11:00 am on Wednesday December 16, 2009

Giving lasting gifts: The green gift checklist

Image by Flickr user ash-s It seems that year after year we are confronted with more and more trinkets and 'stuff' that is often made in far away places. We seem to see more of this 'stuff' in December than any other time. Sadly, 'disposable'...