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10:14 am on Friday September 28, 2012

@WBTW_RustyRay continues to push "HoCo" trend

Rusty Ray, a recent proud papa and WBTW anchor, has officially claimed responsibilty for "HoCo." In fact, he's back at it this week and he's even getting support from fellow tweeters. While we could be persuaded to get on the HoCo train, it's going...
11:04 am on Monday May 7, 2012

Digging a hole won't get you to China from #MYR

Flickr User: jeezychreezy "What are you doing, digging a hole to China?" More than likely you've said those words or have them said to you in your lifetime. But as science and the smarty-pants among us will point out, it is impossible for many...
7:11 am on Friday March 16, 2012

"Surly naked man arrested showering"

Flickr user Thaddeus Stewart "Please keep your trunks on" Police arrested a homeless man who was showering in the nude near a hotel pool in Myrtle Beach. When approached, the man became aggressive, shouting profanities at the officers. Startling a...
5:00 am on Thursday July 7, 2011

Husband smacked for refusing sex with wife, 911 call happens

Flickr user DaR In Superman comics, Bizzaro is the upside-down version of Superman. Bizzaro's "S" shield is backwards, he mostly speaks backwards and in his home world down is up, up is down left is right and so foth. This story that we came across...
1:14 am on Wednesday October 21, 2009

Rounding out the governor's race in S.C., with one-line zingers

Image by Flickr user sparktography Image by 20091021-meat.jpg With it's usual Onion-esque approach, theDiscust has summed up all the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor with one-line zingers. Take a gander and get depressed.
1:36 pm on Monday September 14, 2009

A sense of priorities (a Sanford editorial cartoon)

Image by Robert AriailImage by 20090914-fire.jpg A partial view; see the full thing. Robert Arirail has another charmer of a cartoon up about everyone's favorite governor, Mark Sanford. -- My gut reaction was: "Yep, that's about right." Hop on over...
1:34 pm on Sunday September 6, 2009

Mark Sanford: A guy who likes to hike and dig holes (editorial cartoon)

Image by Robert AriailImage by 20090906-robert.jpg A partial view; see the full thing. Robert Arirail has another charmer of a cartoon up about everyone's favorite governor, Mark Sanford. Hop on over to his site to see the full thing.
4:04 am on Monday August 31, 2009

Parody political video: (500) Days of Sanford

Image by 2090831-sanford.jpg We know it's a political ad, but you still have to admit this parody of the trailer of (500) Days of Summer is pretty funny ... until you realize you live in the laughing stock of the nation and it gets downright...
10:46 am on Thursday August 6, 2009

After Daily Show rip, Stephen Colbert defends S.C. ... kinda

Image by The Daily ShowImage by 20090806-colbert.jpgSouth Carolina native Stephen Colbert has retorted to The Daily Show's mocking of South Carolina. Saying, in part: "I just wanted to say on behalf of my state: f#@$ you." All in jest, of course. ...
5:50 pm on Tuesday August 4, 2009

Jon Stewart: Thanks, South Carolina -- for being such a goof

Image by Comedy CentralImage by 20090804-sc.jpg Update August 6: Stephen Colbert has responded in defense of South Carolina. Go take a watch. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has sent his thanks to South Carolina for providing them with oodles of...