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11:07 am on Monday June 4, 2012

Charleston Resident Helps New Movers with Welcomemat Services

   Having moved three times over the past year, Charleston resident Randy Rhea knows how difficult it can be for people to get acquainted and familiar with their new community or neighborhood. The Atlanta native relocated to Augusta, Ga., in July...
10:21 am on Monday June 4, 2012

Empowerment Workshop: Discover and unleash your personal best

Reinvention in Reverse Feeling stuck in neutral? Are you treading water in a less-than-perfect place because your path forward is unclear? Situations that you currently perceive negatively can shape a positive future if they are reinterpreted as...
7:17 am on Wednesday May 2, 2012


Michael Mitchell Gallery will host the third annual Art for Charity events May 11th - June 8th to benefit six local non-profits.  This year, over 30 local and regional artists will participate.  The events features weekly cocktail parties that are...
9:25 am on Tuesday September 9, 2008

County official apologizes for forward of Iraq war e-mail

Elected Charleston County official Charlie Lybrand has apologized for using his county computer and time to mass forward an e-mail in support of President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq. The dust up occurred after a woman did not take kindly...