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9:48 pm on Wednesday September 11, 2013

Coastal wind energy in Southeast could be big, but far off

While the Southeast coast could tap much energy from coastal winds, don't expect any major developments in the near future.
1:17 am on Wednesday May 23, 2012

Santee Cooper to raise rates, wants to hear your input

Image by TheDigitel Myrtle BeachThis past Monday, May 21, Santee Cooper's Board of Directors met and agreed "to open a public comment period" on a proposed rate hike.  Santee Cooper is planning on raising rates 3.5% starting December 1 and plan on...
3:43 am on Tuesday April 27, 2010

SCE&G looks to raise most electric bills by about $11 per month (updated x4)

Image by Flickr user Goombay Update April 28: The complaints and criticism continued last night during the second public hearing on SCE&G's proposed rate hikes. Update April 27, 3:37 p.m.: The Charleston Regional Business Journal was on hand...
8:01 am on Tuesday August 18, 2009

Simple steps help Charleston County save $350,000 in energy costs

Image by Flickr user adambowie Image by 20090818-light.jpgHydrogen energy, wind turbines, and fancy new age materials.  What do those three things have in common? None of them were necessary for Charleston County to shave $350,000 off their...
12:37 pm on Thursday October 30, 2008

Electric rates to rise; gas to fall

Image by Flickr user Kyle MayImage by 20081030bulb.jpg Electricity rates will be rising in November, as government oversight boards have approved a rate hike by SCANA, and SCE&G (a SCANA company). Average customers using around 1,000 kwh will...
3:37 am on Monday October 27, 2008

Coal power: What to do about all the toxic ash

Image by Flickr user The TardigradeImage by 20081026ash.jpg With all the heated exchanges over what to do about spent fuel from nuclear power, the coal power problem has been all but swept under the rug. And for once we're not talking about the air...
6:38 am on Saturday October 25, 2008

NASA to Santee-Cooper: Coal plant a bad idea

The head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies has met with Santee-Cooper's CEO Lonnie Carter and the utility's board to persuade them that coal power plants are a bad idea, including the proposed power plant. Go read about it at...
7:32 am on Monday July 21, 2008

Utility nears biomass deal

Image by flickr user D'Arcy NormanImage by 20080721garbage.jpg It might not look (or smell) pretty, but landfills produce a lot of methane gas, which can be used to provide energy to thousands of people. After deciding last month to increase its use...
7:28 am on Tuesday July 1, 2008

Utility to buy more green energy

State-owned Santee Cooper has announced its plan to get 1% more of its power through biomass. The utility is looking at vendors, mostly in South Carolina, to purchase the electricity from. This would end up supplying enough power for 25,000 homes,...
4:49 am on Monday June 23, 2008

More may face electric disconnects

Image by flickr user We Work For FreeImage by 20080623electricity.jpg Unless your kid can pump out the wattage like this, it's time you thought about your energy consumption. SCE&G is pulling the plug on some 427 customers a day for late payment...