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6:20 am on Monday July 9, 2012

Man shot while walking on St. Helena Island road

Google Maps While walking along a St. Helena Island road an 18-year-old man was shot multiple times in a driveby shooting near┬áSeaside and Ball Park roads.´╗┐
2:17 am on Monday November 28, 2011

Four in hospital after North Charleston drive-by shooting

Two vehicles with two people in each exchange fire. All went to the hospital, but one car's occupants seem to have come out on the far worse end. Many similar briefs abound, but I'll point you to the one at ABC News 4.
3:24 am on Tuesday December 29, 2009

Charleston rep seeks stiff punishment for drive-by shooters

Image by Flickr user der_makabere After the horrific slaying off three in a Walterboro shooting, it's little surprise that someone has proposed a stiffer punishment for those the injure or kill others in a drive-by shooting. That someone is...
4:50 am on Thursday November 12, 2009

Drive by shooting in Walterboro leaves 3 dead, 6 wounded (updated x3)

Update November 15: The Post and Courier has put together a nice piece that goes beyond the tragic headlines; get connected. Update November 14: On the heels of all the violence, one man is under the community's ire for firing at his girlfriend's...