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7:00 am on Friday May 27, 2011

$3 million shaved off Charleston County School District's budget (update: pay losses approved)

Image by Flickr user peasapUpdate May 27: The Charleston County School District's proposed budget for the upcoming year has been amended, and according to The Post and Courier, with the exception of teachers, every district employee will be...
7:15 am on Friday January 7, 2011

State planning major Medicaid cuts in 2011 (update: hospice, patient advocates react)

Image by Flickr user Mykl Roventine Update January 7: As the February 1st Medicaid cuts swiftly approach, hospice advocates and patient advocates are speaking out against the state's plan to cut all funding for hospice care service. When the cut...
4:25 am on Friday December 10, 2010

State's welfare recipients facing 20 percent cuts come February

Image by Amanda Click / TheDigitelSouth Carolina's welfare agency will be cutting monthly payments by 20 percent beginning in February 2011. For a better understanding of what the state's poorest families will be facing, consider this: monthly...
1:45 pm on Thursday November 18, 2010

How the state plans to balance the impending $1 billion budget deficit

Image by Flickr user BlakJakDavyTo the utter delight of school children in South Carolina, cutting 10 days off of the school year is one option being explored as a possible way to help balance out the projected $1 billion deficit the state budget...
12:05 pm on Monday August 17, 2009

South Carolina's fiscal year closes with a $98 million deficit

The 2009 fiscal year has come to a close, and the state of South Carolina's books are showing a $98 million deficit. The $98 million doesn't sound as bad as the original hole of $339 million. How'd they plug the hole? By emptying two state reserve...