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10:16 am on Friday January 7, 2011

Bicycle. Charleston. Happy.

For the new year Charleston Cycle Chic decided to have fun with Picnik.  This is our statement for 2011.  Do ya feel it?
6:53 am on Wednesday December 8, 2010

Pedal Chic – A Bike Store for Woman, opens in Greenville, SC

Yes – we are jealous.  We would love to see a female-focused bicycle shop here in Charleston.  Pedal Chic opens soon in Greenville, SC.  Here is the description from their website and we love their tagline! “Pedal Chic is the only women-specific...
5:53 am on Wednesday November 3, 2010

Riding with Kids – The Dutch Do it Right

With a new niece added to the family and several friends who are pregnant and love to bicycle, I’ve been taking a look at the different options out there for carting baby around!  While here in America, it seems everyone goes first for the seat on...
8:21 am on Monday September 27, 2010

Will Velorbis Bicycles Come to Charleston?

We’ve been salivating after Velorbis bikes for quite a while now, but alas, they were only sold across the pond.  They sell classic vintage bicycles including those great cargo bikes that are perfect for groceries and/or kids. Fortunately the bike...
1:36 pm on Tuesday September 7, 2010

Innovative Women Lead the Urban Bicycle Trend

This article from The Daily Beast came out recently and describes how women are leading the charge in taking back biking as a ‘normal’ ‘everyday’ activity!!!!  Hurrah – we knew ya’ll would lead the way just as Jeff Mapes predicted. Here’s an excerpt...
9:15 am on Thursday July 22, 2010

A Bicycle Built for Two

Cycle Chic isn’t always about pretty bikes and pretty people.  Cycle Chic is about being on a bicycle, connecting with your environment, moving your body and joy.  Now doesn’t this photo represent all of that?  We’ve seen this parti-colored tandem...
7:40 am on Monday June 7, 2010

Beach Cruisin’ Beauty

A reader sent in these photos after a group of her girlfriends and even a few of the husbands put this beach cruiser together as a birthday/moving away gift for her sister.  Knowing full well you just can’t live on or near the beach without a chic...
7:26 am on Monday May 24, 2010

Cycle Chic Around the World – Including Charleston!

Check out this great video montage from Streetfilms.  We are honored to have been included! Apologies for not being able to post it here – but this blog platform won’t accept flash. Urgh! Go here to see the video!
5:12 am on Wednesday May 19, 2010

Let Your Inner Bike Goddess Shine

We found this post somewhere online and just loved it.  It’s about casting away fear and doubt and letting your inner bike goddess shine.  Thanks to Cecily Cycle Chic for this! Take me there! Excerpt: “The wind caught the hem of my dress as I sped...