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6:21 am on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Man dead after older brother allegedly tells him to eat drugs in cop car (Updated)

Older brother Deangelo Mitchell on the right while in the back of the cruiser.Update December 21: Older brother Deangelo Mitchell has been arrested and granted a $400,000 bond.  He is charged with involuntary manslaughter in his brother's death,...
6:30 am on Friday July 8, 2011

A bank 'hostage' situation unfolds in downtown Charleston (update: drugs)

Update July 8: It looks as though Tony Murray had been allegedly smoking crack cocaine earlier in the day, prior to being involved in the bank robbery hoax. Police reported in the arrest warrant that Murray "owed money to the alleged kidnapper for...
12:59 pm on Wednesday May 4, 2011

Man complains to police that he didn't get correct change after drug deal

Image by Flickr user HTBDon't you hate it when your drug dealer doesn't give you correct change? Dexter White, 41, of North Charleston does. In fact, he hates it so much that he told the police that his dealer didn't give him the correct change...
6:30 am on Tuesday March 29, 2011

Fourteen gang members indicted in East Side drug case

Image by Flickr user Aliκs★JendlentFourteen men ranging in ages from 19 to 52 have been indicted for their involvment in a street drug gang selling heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana. The men have colorful street names including "Booga," "Little...
11:00 am on Wednesday September 8, 2010

Standard strip search turns up 14 grams of crack

Image by WikipediaA North Charleston man arrested for marijuana possession on Monday is now facing a drug trafficking charge after a strip search turned up 14 grams of crack cocaine inside of his body. We'll let you fill in the blanks about where...