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4:32 am on Wednesday June 9, 2010

From the doorway of the Confederacy museum

Image by Joseph Nienstedt From the doorway of the Daughters of Confederacy Museum (building built 1841) at the start of the Market in downtown Charleston (map.)
5:03 am on Saturday February 20, 2010

Nearly at the 150 mark for the Confederacy and still debating the flag

Image by Flickr user J. Stephen Conn We're fast approaching the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Confederacy and another battle is looming: Where does the celebration of Southern culture end and racism begin? Getting a bit at that point is a...
4:53 am on Sunday February 14, 2010

A secession convention in Charleston: One with few pickup trucks and overalls

Following up on the last post about a secessionist monument proposed for Patriots Point, I'll point out a piece about the recent secession convention in Charleston.  The Eighth Annual Abbeville Scholar's Conference was last week and focused on "...
4:31 am on Sunday February 14, 2010

No decision yet on secessionist monument for Patriots Point

The secession paper for South Carolina. The board of the ailing Patriots Point has said it needs more time to decide if a 12 foot square monument dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Ordinance of Secession. Read more stories on...
2:00 am on Tuesday July 14, 2009

Charleston's forgotten fort: Castle Pinckney

Image by The Soldier in Our Civil WarImage by 20090713-pinckney.jpg Castle Pinckney during the Civil War.Charleston Magazine has a great piece on Charleston Harbor's forgotten fort, Castle Pinckney, located on Shutes Folly - that marshy island with...
5:03 am on Monday June 22, 2009

Group aims to save forgotten Confederate Statehouse

Image by The Dawkins HouseImage by 20090622-union.jpg The Dawkins House in Union was the last Statehouse of Confederate South Carolina.The Dawkins House is the little-known last Confederate Statehouse of South Carolina, and it sits rotting away...
2:18 pm on Sunday June 7, 2009

Cash-strapped state archives auctioning off old currency on eBay (updated)

Image by Flickr user Tracy O Image by 20090307-bank-note.jpg A Bank of the State of South Carolina 1861 ten dollar note. Auction caption reads: "Obverse - Ships at sea, John C. Calhoun at left, Jefferson at right, Female Figure of Liberty at left...
5:14 am on Thursday March 12, 2009

Schools pushed to honor Confederate Memorial Day

Image by Flickr user Steve Rhode Image by 20090312-confederate.jpg The Sons of the Confederate Veterans groups is pushing for Berkeley County schools to recognize Confederate Memorial Day on May 10 as a holiday. From 2001 to 2007 schools closed...
5:13 am on Wednesday March 11, 2009

Interior of Lincoln watch bears Fort Sumter remarks

Image by Smithsonian National Museum of American HistoryImage by 20090311-watch.jpg A gold pocket watch belonging to Abraham Lincoln was in the possession of a watchmaker during 1861 when the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter. That watchmaker,...