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9:24 am on Tuesday September 7, 2010

Norfolk Southern: Rail deal would hurt BMW's Charleston port exports

Image by Flickr user carolinadoug ´╗┐The ongoing battle between North Charleston and Norfolk Southern over rail lines to a new port continues, this time with the rail company saying that the city's plan would impede auto exports of BMW's Greenville...
3:00 pm on Friday July 10, 2009

Roper and BlueChoice settle on new contract

Image by Flickr user sxyblkmnImage by 20090710-health.jpg Roper Saint Francis Healthcare and BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina have come to a compromise to renewed their contract through December 2011. People insured with BlueChoice, including...
1:47 pm on Friday October 10, 2008

Wells Fargo victor in battle for Wachovia

Image by 20081010wellsfargo.jpg If they do change their logo, let's hope they spend more than the three minutes I did coming up with the new one. At long last, it looks like the battle for the Lowcountry's number one bank is over: Citigroup has...
4:03 am on Monday October 6, 2008

New deal would split Wachovia amongst buyers

Image by 20081006wachovia.jpg In the battle for the buyout of Wachovia, regulators think they may have reached a compromise: Citigroup (first to reach a deal) would get branches in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic and Wells Fargo (high-bidder) would...