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4:00 am on Monday January 7, 2013

Charleston Museum turns 240 with a oyster roast celebration

Image by Flickr user martin_kalfatovicThe Charleston Museum is celebrating its 240th birthday in true Lowcountry fashion - with an oyster roast and history walk at the Dill Sanctuary on the Stono River. It's all going down on Sunday, January 13 from...
3:16 am on Wednesday September 19, 2012

Why haven't you been to the Charleston Museum?

Image by Flickr user martin_kalfatovic This is as close to the Charleston Museum as many locals ever get.The Charleston Museum used to quite literally be in my backyard of an apartment I rented several years back, and yet I never been stopped in.  ...
11:28 am on Thursday January 12, 2012

The Charleston Museum invites you to get 'Blasted'

Image by Flickr user /fKeith M AveryContinuing its commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the Charleston Museum has launched "Blasted: Assorted Projectiles and Explosives of the Civil War." This original exhibition explores the...
9:59 am on Friday June 17, 2011

Check out Charleston's attractions in a video teaser

Local video guru Adam Boozer of Jewell & Ginnie is, as you'd guess, hard at it producing some top-notch videos. And not all of those vides are for places far from home — a recent video promotes visiting Charleston and many of the area...
11:30 am on Thursday April 21, 2011

Interact with Civil War fashion at Charleston Museum

Image by Flickr user akaspedThe Charleston Museum's "Threads of War" exhibit provides the opportunity for you to try on some Civil War period pieces. The museum's exhibit lasts through October and commemorates the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War...
5:00 am on Friday November 12, 2010

Mad Science Saturday at the Charleston Museum

Image by Flickr user JamesDPhotographyEvery month, the Charleston Museum offers a special Saturday program dedicated to providing an educational and exciting experience for the whole family. This month it's Mad Science Saturday. The theme of the day...
5:00 am on Thursday October 14, 2010

Charleston Museum celebrating the opening of new exhibition 'Threads of War'

Image by Flickr user divemasterking2000Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, The Charleston Museum presents 'Threads of War: Clothing and Textiles of the Civil War.' The Board of Trustees and staff of the Charleston Museum invite all...
2:21 pm on Tuesday May 11, 2010

A $28,000 to fix the Cannon Park columns, and shield your head

Work is expected to take the better part of the month of May.  The Post and Courier's Robert Behre has the scoop on the work; read it here. Oh, and here's what those columns looked like  when they were still part of the museum.
12:16 pm on Tuesday April 27, 2010

Creative Gardening in the Vertical Plane

This latest installment in the Charleston Horticultural Society Lecture Series features Jim Martin, Executive Director of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The evening's discussions focuses on approaching gardening with a vertical perspective. Eat...
2:48 am on Friday March 26, 2010

The Old Charleston Museum

Image by Charleston Museum The old Charleston Museum at what is now Cannon Park. The museum lived here from 1907 to 1980. All but the portico was destroyed in a fire a month later.