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5:20 pm on Monday June 21, 2010

So where and why do/don't you bike in Charleston?

Image by Flickr user suziesparkle Since late May the Charleston Civic Design Center has been looking for some love from the biking community for some help with questions about why they bike, how much they bike, and why they don't bike more. Well,...
10:22 am on Tuesday June 23, 2009

Civic Action Exhibition opening Thursday

Image by 20090623-civic.jpg Come check out the opening of the Civic Action Exhibition, a showcase of local grassroots organizations on Thursday, June 25 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibition is centered around the question, "What is the most...
4:06 am on Saturday April 4, 2009

'H2O-ly' City Photography Competition

Image by Charleston Civic Design CenterImage by 20090403-holy-city.jpg Update May 15: following the opening, the H2O-ly City photography exhibition is free for everyone from May 18-June 19 from 9 am- 5 p.m.  First reporting: The Charleston Civic...
12:38 pm on Saturday July 19, 2008

The building blocks of cities

Image by flickr user GuillermoImage by 20080719legos.jpg You're never too old to play with Legos, and you can even learn about some pretty serious urban design concepts with them. The Charleston Civic Design Center brought together a dozen 11- to 15...