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3:38 pm on Tuesday June 11, 2013

S.C. Considering electronic license plates that can report stolen cars

A proposal for new "e-tags" could offer new law-enforcement opportunities, such as flagging stolen cars or uninsured vehicles for all to see.
11:16 am on Thursday April 4, 2013

Car smashes through window of Stacks Pancakes on Hilton Head

A car crashed through Stacks Pancakes' front window on Wednesday evening.
2:29 am on Friday November 23, 2012

Two teens arrested after Mossy Oaks thefts from unlocked cars

Flickr user foshydog It's easier than ever to lock your doors, so why not? Headline says it all, two teens are accused of stealing items from unlocked cars on Royal Oaks Street on Tuesday. I'll point you to The Island Packet's brief; read it here....
1:38 am on Thursday September 6, 2012

Car shot at Beaufort Waffle House on Boundary

Flickr user luvsickmedia After hearing two gunshots, a man at the Beaufort Waffle House on Boundary Street left to find a bullet hole in his car. I'll point you to a very short brief at The Island Packet; read it here. Last September a man was...
1:56 am on Sunday August 5, 2012

Car smashes into Talbots in Towne Center

Car crashes into the Talbots in Towne Center, shattering a window — still, the business managed to keep going during the busy tax-free sale weekend.
5:56 am on Wednesday June 20, 2012

Arson suspected after truck burns in Port Royal

Flickr user freefoto A pickup truck valued at $14,000 buned in Port Royal's Kents Court mobile home park on Saturday night, and arson is believed to be involved.
2:27 am on Wednesday June 20, 2012

More than a dozen car thefts in Southern Beaufort County (Update: Arrests)

Flickr user foshydog It's easier than ever to lock your doors, so why not? (Updates at the bottom.) Two Bluffton vehicles disappeared from their owners on Tuesdays after the trucks were left unlocked and the keys not far away; check out The Island...
2:17 am on Friday March 2, 2012

Car crashes into Boundary Street office after woman hits gas instead of brakes

Flickr user Sidereal Only injuries after a woman accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and sent her minivan crashing into the pillars at the World Finance location on Boundary Street.  WTOC 11 has a pair of photos from the scene.
2:24 am on Friday January 6, 2012

Car burglary streak in Mossy Oaks (Update: Arrests)

Flickr user foshydog It's easier than ever to lock your doors, so why not? Update January 6: The Beaufort Police department is passing along word that it has apprehended two suspects in the string of thefts from and of cars in the Mossy Oaks area....
2:58 am on Friday December 9, 2011

Car gets squeezed between 18 wheeler and school bus

In an accident near St. Stephen a black Nissan Maxima car wound up squeezed between an 18 wheeler tractor trailer and a school bus. Shockingly there were no fatalities.