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8:28 pm on Tuesday August 20, 2013

Photos: F-35B Lightning II showcased in Beaufort

F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters fly-by during a debut showcasing the aircraft to Beaufort's community at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort on August 20. The F-35 will replace the Marine Corps' aging legacy tactical fleet. MCAS Beaufort is...
5:46 am on Thursday July 18, 2013

Repainting a display jet at the Beaufort air station

Marines with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Corrosion Control Facility mask, tape, and start repainting one of the stations display jets along U.S. 21.
4:46 am on Tuesday January 17, 2012

First F-35B fighter jets delivered to Marine Corps (With bonus desktop image)

Staff Sgt. Joely Santiago/U.S. Air Force The first American production F-35B Lightning II joint strike fighter flies over Destin, Florida, on its way to its new home. Marines at a Florida base have received the first two F-35B Lightning II variants...