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7:40 am on Wednesday June 6, 2012

2-year-old fatally attacked at home by dogs (Updated: Dogs identified)

Image by Live 5 News Ja'Marr Tiller Upldate July 30: The coroner will hold an inquest to learn more about the circumstances. Update June 6: During a Tuesday press conference, Charleston County Coroner declared that the fatal injuries suffered by Ja'...
5:08 am on Monday March 12, 2012

Teenager stumbles upon bloodied woman on Summerville bike trail

19-year-old Shawn Lindsey walks back from church on Wednesday, March 7, and comes upon a woman lying in the ground with a bloodied face and is screaming "help me." She had been assaulted by her homeless boyfriend. 
8:27 am on Monday February 13, 2012

Alleged waterfront beating, robbery case finally heads to trial - or not

Image by Flickr user EyebeeUpdate February 13: John Lawson Shafer and Penelope Jade Murray, the pair who allegedly fabriated a story about being robbed, beaten and tossed into the Cooper River back in 2010, have once again failed to show up in...
8:54 am on Saturday August 6, 2011

Four years on, kid bit by shark still loves the swimming predators

Image by Still image by Flickr user Christian HaugenIt's been four years since then nine-year-old Chase Crawford of Goose Creek was badly bitten on the leg by a bull shark in the water off Isle of Palms — and thought badly scared from the bite...
12:00 pm on Thursday May 26, 2011

One dog killed, numerous others hospitalized by escaped pit bull (update: to be euthanized)

Image by Flickr user This Year's LoveUpdate May 26: In a followup report, The Post and Courier has an update on the status of charges agains the pit bull's owner and notes that the dog will be put down. Read the report over here. Update February 24...
5:46 am on Tuesday October 5, 2010

Gilroy's Pizza employee attacked by tip-stealing bandit

Image by Flickr user TW CollinsAn employee at downtown Charleston's Gilroy's Pizza was attacked by a man after the employee confronted him about stealing out of the restaurant's tip jar. It all went down on Sunday night after the employee, who...
6:00 am on Tuesday July 13, 2010

Coyotes attacking pets, now people in search of food (updated)

Image by Flickr user donjd2 Update July 13: News 4 Charleston has the most recent report of a coyote getting too close for comfort in the Patriots Point area. A Mount Pleasant woman and her a 3-year-old golden retriever were out for an evening walk...
8:17 am on Thursday February 25, 2010

SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whale was a USC grad

Image by Flickr user CynrThe Associated Press is reporting that the veteran SeaWorld trainer that was attacked and killed by a killer whale in yesterday was a graduate of the University of South Carolina. For those who haven't heard, Dawn Brancheau...
11:40 am on Friday December 18, 2009

S.C. teen sentenced to 10 years for plot to attack school

South Carolina teen Ryan Schallenberger apologized before a federal judge yesterday before being sentences to 10 years behind bars for his plan to blow up his high school. Schallenberger faced up to 30 years in prison for his plot to blow up...
12:00 pm on Friday September 25, 2009

Aggressive owls result in closure of upstate trail

Image by Flickr user webheathcloseupImage by 20090925-owl.jpg Rock Hill's Cherry Park had to close a section of their walking trail due to some feisty owls that attacked two people in the park earlier this week.