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11:16 am on Wednesday September 25, 2013

Armadillos continuing their spread through the Palmetto State

The formidable armadillo is continuing its expansion through the Carolinas, moving from the Lowcountry into areas previously though to cold in the winter for the animal.
10:54 am on Thursday April 12, 2012

Ron Tanner: From Animal House to Our House

Preservationist and DIY hero Ron Tanner will be performing his one-man show at the Charleston County Public Library. Ron's book FROM ANIMAL HOUSE TO OUR HOUSE: A LOVE STORY tells how  he and his wife bought a ruined frat house and -- not knowing...
3:30 am on Friday December 31, 2010

An animal skin covered truck turns up in Savannah

Flickr user Dirty Bunny Just when you thought Beaufort was weird, an old truck covered in the skins or raccoons, snakes, deers, alligators, and other animals took Savannah by surprise when it turned up at the St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital on...
5:24 am on Monday December 20, 2010

Kroger recalls pet food in South Carolina among other states

Flickr user julia_manzerova Kroger has issued a widespread recall of dog and cat food sold in several states, including South Carolina and Georgia. The recall is due to a possibility that the food contains aflatoxin, which could be harmful to pets....
9:54 am on Thursday September 9, 2010

Six-and-a-half foot rattlesnake photo from Georgia sweeps the Internet rumors

You may have seen this photo floating around online saying it's from many different locations, well it turns out it's from the middle of Georgia near the South Carolina border on a 1,900-acre farm in Sylvania. Live 5 News in Charleston caught up...
11:58 am on Monday November 23, 2009

This otter knows football

Image by Flickr user Tambako the Jaguar Image by 20091123-otter.jpg Otters, they like to brag. The ABC News 4 and S.C. Aquarium's otter named Stono has apparently missed its calling in life as a professional sports predictor -- the slick mammal has...
5:14 pm on Monday December 29, 2008

More black bears being spotted in South Carolina

Image by Flickr user The Life of Bryan Image by 20081229-black-bear.jpg Big tongues make for good photo opts. Rebounding forests, more housing developments, and more digital cameras are all thought to be partly responsible for a rise in bear...