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10:26 am on Monday June 25, 2012

Beaufort water may take on an 'earthy' smell

Flickr user arun skariah Water users of Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority may note an "earthy" smell over the next month, but the water is still safe to use as normal. The odor is caused by algae growth in the Authority's canal and...
4:01 am on Thursday May 6, 2010

Rising temperature to blame for strange taste in water

Image by Flickr user TF28If you've noticed a strange smell or taste to your tap water lately, you're not crazy. Algae has been thriving the Bushy Park Reservoir, the source for most of the Charleston Water System's supply. The recent rise in...
7:28 pm on Wednesday August 5, 2009

S.C.'s dependence on coal power draws interest from biofuel company

Image by NEON jaImage by 20090805-algae.jpg A really, really close up of single-cell algae. Algae is going to be one of the miracle drugs of 21st century's energy problems. Because of South Carolina's reliance on carbon dioxide-heavy coal for power...