New & Returning TV Series: What You'll be Watching This Fall

New & Returning TV Series: What You'll be Watching This Fall

Summer television is overrun with reruns and populated with shows the networks were afraid to air during the regular season. That's why we look forward to the fall season premieres with unbridled anticipation. There are more than 50 new shows debuting this fall, reports Business Insider.

Here's a look at a handful of those favorites along with some of the most promising new shows you'll be watching this fall.

'Sons of Anarchy'

If you haven't yet seen enough gun-running bikers, betrayal and brushes with death and the law, you'll be thrilled when "Sons of Anarchy" returns to FX in September. The fifth season ended strong after a slow start, but at least the storyline opens the door for action-packed turmoil with Gemma possibly hanging Tara out to dry, Clay facing certain (or is it?) death courtesy of Jax and the Sons facing vengeance from the U.S. Marshal. Every episode of the sixth season has to be a winner — they're all leading up to the seventh season which is planned to be the last, according to

'Boardwalk Empire'

Maybe it was the fact "Boardwalk Empire" was inspired by real life that drew you into HBO's dynamic drama about the events that shaped Atlantic City in the Prohibition Era. But certainly it's the questions left in the air at the end of the third season that will bring you back when the season premieres in September. Will Margaret return to Nucky and can they rise above the affairs? What of Nucky being deserted by Rothstein in New York? And what's up with Gillian's heroin overdose?


If you were thinking of calling it quits with "Homeland" by the time the problematic season two ended, chin up. Season two's finale actually gave reasons to hope that the writers were giving themselves appealing storyline issues to work with. When your favorite espionage drama returns to Showtime on Sept. 29, the door's been left wide open to reduce the Brody family's profile or possibly dispose of the whole clan altogether. 

New Series

Writers, producers, and programmers are counting on the lure of what's possible to entice you to tune in. From The Washington Post's Lifestyle section, intriguing new series out this fall are:

  • NBC's "The Blacklist" brings true suspense to the small screen as it follows the deal made between one of the FBI's most wanted (James Spader) to help nab everyone he's worked with, including a terrorist presumed to be dead. A twist? Spader's character will only agree to the deal by working with a specific, newbie agent.
  • FOX leaps into the future — the year 2048, to be exact — to take a look at the action and drama that can evolve when androids are partnered with officers of the LAPD in "Almost Human."
  • Must-see TV used to revolve around the comedies of the network more than the competition and reality shows, so it's good to see NBC including "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" in the fall line up. It's a comedy starring Andy Samberg as a detective who would rather slack than solve crime.
  • "The 100" debuting on CW this fall shows how the issue of juvenile delinquency will be handled in the future. This drama takes place almost 100 years after a nuclear war destroys civilization on earth when 100 reckless, criminal youth are sent back to Earth to see if recolonization is possible.
  • What if Robin Williams were your dad and you worked with him in advertising? Sara Michelle Gellar gets to find out in the new CBS comedy "The Crazy Ones."

These shows are reason enough to get your television viewing in order. Basic cable packages start around $30 monthly as stated on In addition, you'll receive four premium stations free for three months — just enough time to view a full season of your favorite series.