Shark fears still high on IOP

Image by flickr user bfickImage by 20080715shark.jpg Most the sharks that get close to shore won't do much more than take a nip that requires some stitches. But this guy, the great white shark, could do some real damage.

A few recent shark attacks on Isle of Palms have swimmers scared, but, as always, experts say those concerns are exaggerated. The most recent one happened last week, when a man was bitten on the forearm, though he's apparently doing OK.

From ABC News 4:

"I'm pretty freaked out by them I don't like water that I can't see the bottom and I don't know what's there," said Heather Rogers from Rock Hill.

"I don't want it to eat me, it attacks you and you could lose a limb," another young swimmer told ABC News 4.


Some experts say however that not every bite at the beach should always be blamed on them.

"When attacks are small pops you can't tell the difference and type of wound from a boney fish, something like a blue fish," said Dr. Shane Boylan with the South Carolina Aquarium.

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