A New Landfill in Charleston?

"We want to be left alone, in a rural setting," said Ophelia E. Williams, representing the Parkers Ferry community. "This is a dump, this is trash. We don't want it in our neighborhood."

This train of thought was shared by many of the hundreds who attended a hearing concerning the development of a new landfill in Adams Run, which is about 25 miles west of downtown Charleston. The proposed landfill would be 313-acres and right near Highway 17 and Parkers Ferry Road. The landfill would be used for construction waste materials, such as logs, bricks, glass, cardboard and furniture. The plan also calls for workers to sort through construction debris at the North Charleston recycling facility, and pull out anything recyclable or harmful to the environment. Whatever remains of this debris would then be hauled to the landfill in Parkers Ferry.

The potential land fill developer, Tre Sheppard, who is from Mount Pleasant, argues,  "[The landfill would be] more than 3,000 feet from the nearest residence…[making it] impossible for me to contaminate their well water."

Sheppard also reminded the crowd that by including a plan to intercept recyclable material before they go to the landfill, the proposal is actually beneficial to the environment.

For the proposal to go into effect, a county zoning change and a change to the county's comprehensive land-use plan would need to be approved, both of which will are on the agenda for County Council's Planning and Public Works Committee meeting at 4:15 p.m. December 3.

Hop over to The Post and Courier to see a map of the plans, and the actual proposal. ABC News 4 also went to the meeting and has some video and a write-up.

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