$4 a gallon comes to town

Image by flickr user goldbergImage by 20080702gas.jpg By the time this kid can actually drive, who knows how much gas will cost.

It's official: You might now have to pay more than $4 a gallon for regular gas, even here in the Lowcountry. The first reports of prices breaking that barrier came Tuesday.

From The Post and Courier:

(T)he Shell station at King and Huger streets was doing a brisk business, even though a gallon of regular gas cost $4.08.

"It's crazy," Nicolete Scott said.

Because of high gas prices, sidewalk stroller Steve Boyd said he has long preferred other forms of transportation. "That's why I ride a bus. I ride my bike to work. I haven't driven a car in five years. It just doesn't make sense," Boyd said.


According to AAA motorist service, the Kangaroo Express at 130 Rutledge Ave. sold regular gas on Tuesday for $4.03 beginning at 3:53 p.m. The area average was $3.89 for a gallon of regular compared to $2.79 a year ago, AAA reported.

Check out AAA's averages for the Charleston-North Charleston metro area here.

You'd better buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride ...