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Update July 31 2012: is making news again in Myrtle Beach. This time it involves a sting coordinated by the Surfside Beach Police Department. 

The investigation had been ongoing for some time. Surfside Police monitored activity and was careful not to prematurely  pull the trigger on their operation. When it all went down, the sting managed to nabbed five (alleged) women of the night.

WMBF News was there every step of the way for the Surfside Beach sting and has a great report, so hop on over and give it a read and watch their broadcast

Read the first reports below to get the full story on this past year's SC/Backpage battle.

Update September 9, 2011: South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson has joined a concerted effort with 45 other states to ask to change their site.

Specifically, they believe the "Escorts" section of the website should be taken down. WBTW has a few more details and quotes. Read it here.

First Report: Police have been cracking down on local area prostitution which have lead a few in the cross-hairs of an ongoing sting.

While prostitution isn't anything new in Myrtle Beach (just take a drive down Yapoon Drive), when people start complaining police take notice. In the latest sting, police arrested nine in connection with the age old illegal activity.  They targeted an escort service run through the Craigslist style website, and area gentlemen's clubs.

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