Upside-down Building to Open Monday

Photo Courtesy: Myrtle Beach Scene

If you hadn't noticed the construction of the upside-down building at Broadway at the Beach, you really need to pay attention more while driving. 

Wonderworks, one of the newest attractions at Broadway at the Beach, is set to open Monday (April 4th) at noon. Wonderworks is a science themed attraction aimed at kids and adults and located in four states. 

The Sun News states,

The attraction will have four levels of interactive exhibits, as well as laser tag, an indoor ropes course and a cafe. The exterior of the attraction is built to look like an upside-down museum, complete with upside down trees and fixtures.

I've been close up to the building, and got to walk around the construction site and the detail of all the upside down items is pretty neat -they even have a "FedEx" type shiping box upside-down. 

A press release lists some of the exhibits as "the Design and Ride Roller Coasters, where everyone can put together their own roller coaster that moves 360 degrees in any direction; the WonderWall, in which people can create 3D impressions of their entire bodies by pressing into a wall made of 40,000 plastic pins; the Bubble Lab, where visitors can put themselves in a gigantic bubble that they've created; and a Velocity Ball, which enables guests to see just how fast they can pitch the ball to a major league baseball player."

Wonderworks has a few more surprises to offer and you can read more about them over at Carolina Live


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