The Ultimate Gift Guide (Round 1)

Perfectly Local Loving Presents for the Well Dressed Playgirl (and boy) in Your Life

Holiday presents! If time weren't ticking away a little too fast before the big day, maybe we wouldn't be biting our manicured fingers so hard (OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow if you wondered).

So, here's ILWYW's Ultimate Gift Guide for 2010 (Round 1). Ready, set, go!

Hello miss pretty sparkly thing. Score this silver and black chevron sweater from the Cavortress vintage online store. Perfect For : your crazy friend who has a penchant for dancing on tables at the Recovery Room

For the sake of the blogosphere not hating our guts (classy phrasing, yes?) ILWYW loves fur but only so long as it's vintage. Hey, we're just recycling here. This gorgeous blue fox fur coat ($465) is in impecable condition from online vintage broker Cavortress. Pair with just about anything, slinky cocktail dress for New Years or well fitted jeans and pearls for that "YUPPIE running errands" look. Perfect For : Your girlfriend of at least six months

The Mojave Clutch by Proud Mary ($60) is the perfect bag to add to any outfit you need to spruce up a bit. Perfect for lazy Saturdays at the farmer's market, or grabbing on your way out the door for coffee at Hope and Union. Plus (added bonus here) all of Proud Mary's designs are printed by a woman owned cooperative in South Africa. Brava! Perfect For : Your friend who despite wearing four inch stilettos will pick up litter off the ground no matter the time of day or night.

A rite of passage to adulthood is owning real cocktail napkins (see also: discontinuing service of PBR at social gatherings). The Mamba cocktail napkins by Proud Mary ($30 for a set of 4) make fantastic Christmas or hostess gifts for the slew of holiday drop ins between now and the end of the year. Perfect For : Your friend who is constantly sending invitations for "Cocktails Before The Party!" and "Cocktails before the Show!" and "Cocktails Before We Go To Dinner To Drink More Cocktails!"...yeah, we all have one.

This dainty filigree broach by Candy Shop Vintage ($26) is as delicate as it is beautiful. For the simply elegant, pin by itself on the collar of a well fitted blazer. For a little more dazzle, combine with multiple whimsical broaches for a more eclectic effect. Perfect For : Just about any lady in your life

Cocktail ring bling for the chic thing on your list. This Candy Shop Vintage rhinestone flower ring ($42) makes a statement all on it's own. Keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple when sporting this lovely finger statement to either nights on the town or days at the office. We're all for versatility here. Perfect For : Your friend who seems to never have enough sparkle in her life, who always takes her lattes with an extra shot, and who would never step out of the house without an accessory.

The Savannah Jean (now 50% off!) by Sucker Jeans updates Southern style to perfection. Dressed up or down this jean works well on nearly every body type. Plus, since it's a bootcut fit the Savannah jean makes for a style that works no matter your age. Added super bonus, make an appointment with the Sucker Jeans people and they'll not only bring jeans to your house to try on, but will make sure your jeans are just the perfect color and fit for you. Perfect For : The friend who lives in denim.

Here's one for the boys. This Big Bear Tee ($29) at House of Sage, is a wonderful gift for the younger man in your life. Casual, but still put a little bit fun. Wear with dark wash jeans and a blazer when times call to look dapper, or with lighter wash jeans and a heavy wool coat for weekends. Perfect For : the man in your life who might need to let go of that tshirt from college, but still claims to be too young for oxfords.

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