Operation R and R and HUG Join Forces to Show the Lowcountry’s Support for Our Troops

Have you been in the airport to see a service man or woman leave for deployment?  It is gut-wrenching.  Children who don’t understand where their parent is going or why; spouses worried about the fate of their betrothed overseas. Men and women are putting their lives on the line to defend virtual strangers with amazing bravery.  The problem comes when they return to their families and suddenly they are the stranger.  Many deployed troops return to new babies, lost relatives, lost friends, and most of all lost time.  Operation R and R is an organization that provides vacations at no cost to military service men and women returning from worldwide deployment and their families.  This service gives the family unit time in a relaxing environment to reunite and reestablish bonds after being separated for months or years. 

HUG Charleston is hosting a Happy Hour at Mellow Mushroom Avondale, 19 Magnolia Rd, Charleston SC 29407, on Thursday September 13th from 5-8pm, in conjunction with the Becket Agency.  The proceeds from this event and raffle of donated items will directly support Charleston Operation R and R’s mission. We will have a film crew from Go To Team onsite and plan to record messages to be used as welcome videos for the visiting troops.   To learn more about Operation R and R please visit their website www.charleston.operationrandr.org.   


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