Matthew Bowers: Charleston Fashion Week model profile

Watch the ladies swoon over Matthew!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born in Chicago, but grew I up in Mt. Pleasant.

Q: What is your favorite Charleston hotspot?
A: I like Torch or Upper Deck, depending on what mood im in.

Q: What do you do when you are not preparing for CFW?
A: I am French and photography student at the College of Charleston.  Besides school, I have a graphic/web design business called Manufactur that usually keeps me pretty busy.  I’m also a DJ, I go by CMNDer (commander) and play a weekly gig at Torch.  Recently I started a DJ group/label called Electric Friends with 2 friends. You can check us out at  I’ll be DJing the fashion week opening party with the Margo Kaufman Gallery.  (Ladies, you know where to find him!)

Q: How many Charleston Fashion Week events have you modeled in?
A: So far, I have modeled in all 3 Charleston Fashion Weeks.

Q: What was your favorite CFW experience or moment in 2009?
A: I do the web and graphic design for Marysia Swim, so I would have to say watching Marysia win the Emerging Designer Competition was one of the best moments from last year. Check out her designs in Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit edition.

Q: What are you looking forward to most for CFW 2010?
A: I’m looking forward to all of my shows this year.  The stores/designers I am modeling for are more along the lines of what I would normally wear than in years past.  

Q: Outside of rehearsals, how do you prepare for CFW 2010?
A: I mainly just try to relax and not stress about it.  The hardest part is figuring out how much I can cut my hair before the show without someone getting angry at me.

Q: What would be your advice for aspiring models for CFW 2011?
A: I feel like the most important thing to have is confidence.

Q: Who/what is your inspiration for your personal wardrobe?
A: I like 60s styles, stuff that is well fitted, high quality, and not too flashy.

Q: What is your favorite fashion trend for summer 2010?
A: Hmm...not sure yet, its too cold still!

Q: What music are you listening to when getting exciting about CFW 2010?
A: Right now I am really liking Boys Noize, a Dj out of Germany and Erol Alkan. (Charleston, take heed!)

Q: What is your favorite fashion outfit or accessory that you are rockin’ right now?
A: I got a new hat from Mishka that im a big fan of. (Always fashion forward!)

Q: Do you use Twitter?
A: You can find me @matthewbowers

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