MADDEN 12 Charity Tournament at The X

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Men are Hooked and Women are Intrigued as Dream uses a

 Video Game to Help Domestic Violence Victims

In an effort to use the desire of man to be dominant against itself, Dream Ministries and East Coast Xtreme Gaming will hold a Madden  ’12  tournament at 3:00pm on November 5, 2011 at The X Sports Complex on George Bishop Parkway to benefit Dreams foundation called Not This Year. Not This Year will bring stuffed animals, flowers, candy, and pocket size bibles to women in homes and shelters for battered women on Valentines Day 2012. 

Individuals will pay an entry fee of $20.00 to enter the tournament.  Using a bracketing system similar to what is used in college basketball tournaments, players will battle each other in single elimination games to see who is the best in Myrtle Beach at Madden ’12 on Xbox 360. To make the game more interesting, players will have the option of buying their opponents time outs from each other and silent bidding before each game to win the opportunity of choice of team and home field advantage.

The final two contestants will square off in the Inaugural Dream Bowl November 12 at the Broadway 16 movie theater on a BIG SCREEN. The Dream Bowl will be a Superbowl style event including everything you can think about a Superbowl with the exception of those cooky commercials. There will be a half time show, pre game interviews, a trophy presentation and more.

This event has drawn the attention of businesses and restaurants from all around the Grand Strand who are offering services and gift certificates for prizes. The tournament winner will receive the soon to be coveted Dream Bowl Trophy and the women in these homes will know that they are loved by people in the community and by God on this special holiday.

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