Charleston Fashion Week production assistant (and former intern) Karen Peters

Q:  What does your role encompass this year with Charleston Fashion Week?

A:  My primary role is to assist with all things dealing with production. This includes organizing and creating agendas for internal status meetings, assisting with ticketing pre-CFW and during the week at the ticketing booth, and helping with the organization of gift bag donations.

Q:  You’ve been interning for Charleston Magazine for the past year.  Now that you’re a production assistant, how has your responsibility changed?

A:  February of this year made a year that I have been working with Charleston Magazine. When I started a year ago, I was the "Friday" intern on the production side. After Fashion Week, I decided to stay on with the magazine, helping with event planning and execution. Within the past year, my responsibilities have definitely increased.  My responsibilities for Fashion Week this year included me being more involved with the preparation and planning for the event. I have even been able to venture outside of fashion week, by heading booth logistics for Charleston magazine during the Wine and Food Festival.

Q:  Did you always want to work the shows? 

A:  I actually didn't have a preference on what I what I wanted to do. After hearing the presentation about Charleston Fashion Week, I just wanted to be a part of it in whatever way possible. After being a part of the shows last year, I loved every part of working the shows, and I'm excited to being doing it again. 

Q:   I remember seeing you last year looking pulled together from head to each night.  What your fashion inspirations for 2010?

A:  For this year, I'm taking cues from the theme, "Glam Rocks", giving my wardrobe for the week a little bit of a rocker edge. One of my biggest inspirations for this look would probably be Rihanna. She has the rocker look, without taking it to the extreme, and I love her hair!

Q:  What/who are you planning on wearing?

A:  Well I'm really not into names, I more so go for what looks best on me, so I will be wearing a little bit of everything. One of my "fave" outfits for the week is an electric blue dress from an international company, ASOS. For the upcoming season, I'm definitely loving the utility/military look. I'm also loving all the colorful, floral print dresses that are out for spring. The sophisticated, but playful look of them really speaks to me. 

Q:  What have you learned about fashion as an intern/production assistant with CFW?

A:  My biggest takeaway from being a CFW intern is that fashion is not all about glitz and glamour. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that requires getting a little dirty, and maybe even wearing flats, instead of 6 inch heels. 

Q:  Give us some prep or fashion week war stories!

A:  My best "war" story is from last year's finale night. While creating the last of the seating charts, a rain storm of monstrous proportions started. Because of it, people started running in, trying to find shelter and seats. In the midst of seating people, moving seats so that rain would not fall patrons from the ceiling, and running to/from the ticketing booth, I sprained my ankle, but didn't know. I spent the rest of the night on 4 inch heels dancing the night away, all the while not realizing what had happened. It wasn't until I got home and saw that my ankle was clearly swollen, that I realized something was wrong. Through all of it though, everyone got seated and had a great time! That was all that mattered =)

Q:  Most memorable experience working at the magazine?

A:  My most memorable moment with the magazine and CFW as a whole, would probably be the first time that I stepped into the tents at Marion Square. I totally felt that I had been transported out of Charleston and into the tents at Bryant Park. I was totally blown away!

Q:  Most valuable lesson learned?

A:  My most valuable lesson learned is that everyone, no matter how small their responsibility may be, helps to make an event successful.

Q:  Where do you see yourself going in the next few years?

A:  My immediate goal is to get accepted and enroll at SCAD Atlanta for an M.F.A in Luxury and Fashion Management. In five years, I hope to be opening my first boutique on our very own King St. and teaching Fashion at one of the local colleges.

Q:  What are you most looking forward to during the week?

A:  In order: The Emerging Designer's Competition, Mychael Knight's collection debut, and the finale night.

Q:  Got any plans when this week is over?

A:  I plan to enjoy my Spring Break week in Atlanta, and prepare for another quarter of school.



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