Cavorting in St. Louis: Days 1 & 2

Julie Wheat, thee Cavortress

As soon as we touched down in St Louis it was off to the pawn shops- Cavortress style.  After checking into our hotel, model fittings, and a few winks, we took off galavanting up and down Maryland Ave for dinner, drinks, and late night dancing.  Closing down at 3am was a nice change from the typical 1:30 last call we Cavortresses had anticipated.

The next day we checked in with Project: Design! at the Third Degree Glass Factory and checked out the shoes and runway for the show.  Then we were off to University City for some fabulous finds at vintage epicenters like Avalon Exchange and Tag.  We were told to check out Washington Ave, which unfortunately was a bust, so we grabbed some dinner and called it an early night– we needed to rest up for the long day/night of cavorting that followed. Stay tuned to see what the rest of our trip entailed– divas, fashionistas, and cowboys, oh yeah.

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