Op-ed piece asks why 'Best of Charleston' brought out the worst

Image by Flickr user Maigh

If you had a chance to read through the Charleston City Paper's "Best of Charleston" issue, you may have noticed the snarky, sarcastic, backhanded worst of's peppered in by the paper's staff.

In our post on the Charleston City Paper's 2011 list, we couldn't help but notice the animosity and disdain in the "Best Weekly Collection of Blunders" category which slammed Charleston Scene.

In an act that shows the Charleston City Paper has recognize how alienating and offensive a handful of categories and commentary were, they've posted a well written op-ed piece by first-time contributor Brian Rogel. Rogel asks the paper if they ever considered what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such insults, why they'd belittle their own community, and why they'd discourage the continuation of a well-organized and well-intentioned (Gaga Day) charity event.

Here's a link to the op-ed piece so you can go see exactly what all Rogel had to say.

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