Affair is just the tip of Sanford's Titanic

Boy, what a roller coaster ride we've been on since Governor Mark Sanford's disappearance act.

We've seen virtually every angle explored: From what Jenny Sanford's been wearing, to how vampire sex now looks good, to how many times the gov' broke curfew, to questioning his mental state.

Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.And now we're caught up in talk over whether or not Sanford should resign over this huge error.

But that's a bit like pulling a man over for a slight speeding infraction after he's been running red lights. We've been suffering for far longer on far worse roller coaster thanks -- at least indirectly -- to Sanford.

And, yes, the stimulus debate was part of it, but only a small part. While the country's economy has had a bad shake lately, South Carolina's current and past poor leadership has ensured that our state has fewer jobs to go around.

To be sure, the lack of vision needed to put the Palmetto State on the right track runs deep through Columbia and we the people that keep them in office. But, ultimately, if our governor can't improve our situation given the cards he's been dealt, then he needs to go so we can get someone else to do a better job.

Problem is, most everyone doubts that Andre Bauer is that man (hint: he's the guy that takes over if Sanford steps down).

I've got oodles of respect for Sanford's ability to hold his ground for his principles, but I don't think ol' Gen. Custer would mage a good gov' either.

The point here is, yes, flay Sanford for his marital indiscretions, but we've got to recognize the real problem is how South Carolina has been starved in education -- and that's the real root of our job problems.

Let's move this conversation away from the drama and start focussing on our state's real problems.

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