C of C math professor calls for boycott of United Way

A College of Charleston math professor is rejected Trident United Way because they support the Boyscouts of America. Professor Herb Silverman, an atheist, explained that the Boyscouts reject aheists, as the organization requires member to believe in a higher power.

The City Paper has the full story, in part:
'In order to be a member, you have to believe in some type of greater being, whether it's the Christian God or Muslim Allah," says Legare Clement, Scout executive for the Coastal Carolina Council. "We're even accepting the children of Wicca belief, multiple gods and things like that, so it's very liberal in the understanding of what God is. But it has to be a belief in a supreme being.'

Trident United Way supports those in need in the Lowcountry with funds and services. Their efforts are unmatched in the Lowcountry, and many of our residents need their support.

Check out the full story at the Charleston City Paper.

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