If S.C. wants a better future, we need to invest in higher education

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Daniel Ravenel has penned a guest editorial imploring our state's leaders to take investment in higher education more seriously.

Read more stories on this subject in our education topic page.In part: 

If I told you that there is a company in South Carolina with common stock for which you could receive an 11 to one return on your investment and it would improve the economy, enhance life and cut the cost of government, wouldn't you take advantage of the opportunity? ...

As states like North Carolina and Georgia have shown, investment in higher education has a clear return. It is the implementation of forward-thinking ideas, such as those outlined, that will create more educated citizens of the Lowcountry. The people of the Lowcountry, and the people of the state, can't afford to sit back and fail to compete any longer. 

It's a good piece that makes a solid case for better education in South Carolina, go take a read at The Post and Courier.

If you're still unswayed, check out this piece from way back in June.

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