Extreme couponing in Myrtle Beach

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Dale North has an unusual hobby and game in clipping coupons. Recently, Dale's coupon obsession scored him $2,000 in groceries for only $54.67 -and actually made money thanks to the stores fuel perks program. 

A TLC show called Extreme Couponing has brought this coupon crazy to light, showcasing folks who spend hours a day clipping coupons, scouring the Internet for offers, finding rebates and printing dozens of coupons straight from the manufacturer. And local man Dale North has become some what of a pro at this sport

Recently, North brought WMBF News along with him to the Kroger on Restaurant Row so they could witness North's biggest score yet. Check out the video below and make sure to hop on over to WMBF News to read their write-up and to get a link to the Top 6 Online Coupons and How to Use Them

  • You can friend Dale up on his Facebook profile for CouponDad.

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