2-year-old fatally attacked at home by dogs (Updated: Dogs identified)

Image by Live 5 News Ja'Marr Tiller

Upldate July 30: The coroner will hold an inquest to learn more about the circumstances.

Update June 6: During a Tuesday press conference, Charleston County Coroner declared that the fatal injuries suffered by Ja'Marr Tiller suffered were consistent with the two dogs taken from the home.

There have been no charges filed as of this reporting.

Update June 2: Authorities have still not been able to conclude if the two "yard dogs" were responsible for 2-year-old Ja'Marr Tiller's death.

Nobody witnessed the attack, and the bite marks have yet to be proven to be that of either of the two canines brought into custody. The Post and Courier reports that investigators are considering the possibility that a wild animal, possibly a coyote, played a role.

Update May 29: New information has surfaced that the two dogs, a female black labrador-shepherd mix and a female brindle labrador-shepherd mix, were not family dogs, but the victim's uncle had been feeding them for years. The autopsy on the victim, Ja'Marr Tiller, was also deemed inconclusive. Animal-bite experts will be called in to determine specifics of the wounds.

I'll point you to Live 5 News for the update.

First reporting: A 2-year-old boy was fatally attacked by two dogs at a home in the 2700 Block of Highway 17 North in Mount Pleasant.

According to Live 5 News, "The coroner's office is expected to identify the 2-year-old victim on Monday afternoon. A press conference will be held following the completion of the autopsy."

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