Bikes becoming more popular in Myrtle Beach (Video)

Notice more people on bikes around town lately? Whether it's hitting the new trails or burning up the road, the Myrtle Beach area appears to have contracted a case of pedal fever. 

The best part about the local biking community is how open and friendly everyone tends to be. It's always more fun to ride with someone else and the "more the merrier" attitude prevents any intimidation factor for new cyclists. The video above was a casual group ride that took place this weekend and it's a great example of Grand Strand residents hitting the streets for fun, camaraderie, and exercise. There's another bonus video below from another group ride.

Biking is environmentally friendly and can be a great commuting option if our area can upgrade the biking infrastructure just a little. Just last week, the Carolina Forest Chronicle had a front page story on proposed bike paths along Carolina Forest Boulevard. You can try to read that story online here.

Want to get in on the fun? Your best bet for finding the next event is Facebook.

  • Waccamaw Trailblazers is a little more focused on offroad and mountain biking.
  • The Grand Strand Bicyclists group is a little more road riding oriented and it's the best way to stay on top of group rides around the area.

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