School district refines consolidation priorities

In response to an onslaught of community feedback on the proposed school consolidation, Charleston County School District has narrowed its list of 16 school closure criteria to 12 that focus on "Educational Quality, Demographic Factors, and Facility Conditions." Read more stories on this subject in our school consolidation topic page. They said in a statement:

Based on the feedback provided in the meetings and on the surveys, the original draft criteria were narrowed down to a set of 12 measures framed around the three core topics of Educational Quality, Demographic Factors, and Facility Conditions. Each criterion is rated on a scale of one to four, with a maximum point value of 48.

Oddly, the list of the 12 criteria has yet to surface, but we have a request in with the school board for it. I had overlooked the revised PowerPoint slides, which contained the revised criteria:

I. Educational Quality: Adequate Yearly Progress, Absolute Rating, Improvement Rating, Program Standards/Fidelity of Mission (Magnets) II. Demographic Factors: Enrollment Decline, Enrollment vs. Building Capacity, Population Trends, Per Pupil Expenditure IV[sic]. Facility Conditions: Building Condition, Campus Size, Time and Miles to Nearest School, Available Space in Nearest School

If you want to know more about the change, head over to The Post and Courier. To know more about the closure process, check out the school district's page, or our archives.

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