Rep Thad Viers resigns, grand jury indictment (Update: Burglary charge added)

Update, February 1, 2013: The news still isn't good for Thad Viers. 

He has been indicted on burgulary charges associated with the stalking case and the victim's apartment. You can read more in this WMBF story.

First report: Thad Viers, a Myrtle Beach native and now former S.C. district 68 representative announced his resignation this past Wednesday, March 21, 2012 during a legislative session. 

His resignation comes after his January 2012 arrest regarding alleged harassment of his ex-girlfriend, Candace Bessinger, who is the granddaughter of controversial BBQ restaurant owner Maurice Bessinger. After the arrest Viers withdrew his candidacy for the newly formed 7th district race, which some believe he was a shoe-in for thanks to his endorsement by Governor Nikki Haley

"Because of this politically motivated situation I find myself in, I must now focus all of my efforts, and I believe therefore I will be unable to faithfully execute the duties of my office and hereby, today, tender my resignation immediately from the South Carolina House of Representatives..."

-Thad Viers, during his resignation. See the video here

According to The Sun News, "State law requires a special primary election followed by a special election to fill Viers’ Socastee-based seat, to take place June 5 and July 24, respectively" which is a whole other issue as The Sun News points out in their piece from this past Wednesday

After Wednesday's resignation, Viers was indicted yesterday, March 22nd for for stalking and harassment in the first degree by a grand jury. reports that the stalking and harassment charges could result in $5,000 and up to 5 years in prison and $1,000 and up to 3 years in prison, respectfully. 

The Viers saga is just starting and we'll keep you updated. For a more in-depth and (at times) graphic reporting on the Viers/Bessinger story head over to FITS News

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