Profiling the five candidates for Mayor of Charleston

Image by Flickr user chrismar Charleston City Hall.

Update November 2: If you're still searching for more information on the candidates, NBC News 2 hosted a video debate that you can watch online.

Tune in over here, and you can get synced up with written profile in the first reporting below.

The election is November 8.

First reporting: The November 8 elections are just around the corner and the local debates are running their course — and now The Post and Courier is hopping to teach you a bit more about the five candidates running for Mayor of Charleston.

Riley has a total of four opponents: The previously mentioned David Farrow, and City Councilman William Dudley Gregorie, history teacher Craig Jelks, and restaurant manager Joshua Kennedy.

Check out the paper's profiles over here.

We've talked about them a little in the past, too.

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